Edith Carlquist Reed

Always remember that I love you.

Her Life

Celebrating Edith's near-103 years: pictures, stories, her obituary, and her memorial service.


Chop wood; carry water.


Always remember that I love you.


Smile and laugh and tell a good joke.

She taught countless students. Wouldn't it be incredible if we had a list of all of the students Edith taught? She began teaching when she was 15, living in Draper. She gave her last lessons the week before she died. That's a lot of lessons!

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The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, one is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.

Dorothy Frances Gurney

She roller skated through Salt Lake City. It was a great way to get to her piano lessons.

"Thank you, my cherished family and friends for being part of my life. Thank you for sharing love and service, especially now that I’m nearly deaf, with blotched vision and increasing arthritis pain, I’m grateful for all that you do for me.

I’m grateful to be a “child of God” and I thank our Heavenly Father for countless blessings… for promptings of the Holy Ghost at crucial times… for my testimony of the gospel and the Book of Mormon.

Music has always been part of my life. I was five years old when I began to play the piano, and fifteen when I was asked to teach others to play. Except for time out for graduate school in New York City and then as a missionary in Northern California, I’ve never stopped teaching. Even then, music was a major part of life.

At my age now, to have a calling as Primary Pianist is a blessing and a privilege. Primary music is a best-kept secret. The songs teach of Heavenly Father’s love for us… of our Savior’s exemplary life and atoning sacrifice… of covenants we should make, of keeping commandments… of preparing for eternal life through love and service now. But, it is when these messages are encapsulated in melody that they last forever in a magical way."

~Edith Carlquist Reed, for her 100th birthday celebration

Always remember that I love you.

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Contribute to Edith's scholarship endowment at the University of Utah. We'd love it if you could make a gift on her behalf to the School of Music. Click on the link and click on "make a gift" next to School of Music Scholarships. Under "add special instructions", please enter Edith Carlquist Reed Endowed Scholarship.