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I lived next door to Mrs. Reed the last 30 years of her life. I could not have had a better neighbor. I’ll miss seeing her in her garden. She was the Grand Dame of our neighborhood!

~Pamela Holindrake
My parents were George and Dorothy Rich. Their respect for Edith was boundless, and after reading her obituary today, I understand why. Your family has our deepest sympathy, and our prayers for Heavenly Father's comforting and sustaining influence upon each of your family members always.

~Michael and Kay Rich Family

My thoughts and prayers to the family. I am one of the many students she taught. She was a special person and I loved her dearly.

~Julie Staley

Edith taught me piano from the time I was six or so, up until age ten... At her centennial birthday celebration, she said, "Now I have someone to look up to!" (I am six feet tall.)... No, Edith, I look up to you! To this day, Edith remains the most kind and grateful person I know. When my dad told me she had passed away, I spent that night in tears. I am so grateful for Edith and the love she gave me.
~Ruby Campbell

An accomplished pianist and excellent piano teacher. And wonderful person in every way.

~G Vaughn Schoenfeld
Edith was a dear friend and neighbor. She taught my daughter Camille to play piano and accompanied my daughter Roseanna on violin. She also taught my granddaughter Abby. This lovely and kind woman graciously played Clair de Lune at my mother's memorial service. It meant so much to us because this was my mother's favorite. Edith taught our family much more than what notes to play. She taught us through her example about love, service and dedication and that life can be a glorious blessing. ~Heidi Sorenson
I first met Edith via her amazing garden. She was the neighbor we all hoped to emulate, and she always was able to find something nice to say about my pathetic yard! I remember helping her cut vines before one of the garden tours and the many evenings listening to her reminisce on her porch. We traveled to the Utah Shakespeare Festival two weeks after 9-11, and our conversation about previous wars and tragedies put my world into perspective. Her grit, gratitude, and grin will be missed by many.
~Vickie Vickie

Edith Reed was an elegant, fully-engaged, dynamic woman, who was a muse for all aspiring girls and women. She taught me piano until my senior year in high school and taught me poise and charm along with that; to be aware of hands and my posture and grace, as well as the tone and emotions of my music... Today our dear Edith is hugging my mother, Helen Grant Barton, who was a cousin to John Reed, Edith's sweetheart. What a tremendous homecoming... what a legacy this resplendent woman has left us.
~Helen Barton Peterson

Edith was a kind, generous, inspiring woman. I became acquainted with her while serving and living in the Wells Stake. She taught me much about gardening, living the gospel, creating beautiful music, and developing compassion among so many other things. One experience stays in my mind and heart forever, when my mother passed away. She made a beautiful dried floral wreath... She gave me comforting words of advice about my own loss... I thank you, Reed Family, for the gift of your mother.
~Gloria Holmstead

What an amazing lady! I visited Aunt Edith a few occasions in my younger years... always had the impression she was a great person! I remember her always having a smile... her backyard with all the vegetation, and... I didn't realize the work involved!
I'm sure she and Jane are reminiscing about the good times they had over the years.
~Dallin Fyffe

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend and colleague. Edith was quite a gal and loved by so, so many. What a light and ab eacon she has always been to me. I adore her!

~Janis Rowser

Edith, you are loved by our entire family. You taught my son and daughter until we moved. You have taught two of our grandsons to play also. You've attended many of our family events. Goodbye until we meet again.

~All our love, Rod and Linda Brown and family

A truly amazing and remarkable woman.

~Steven M Borup

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Contribute to Edith's scholarship endowment at the University of Utah. We'd love it if you could make a gift on her behalf to the School of Music. Click on the link and click on "make a gift" next to School of Music Scholarships. Under "add special instructions", please enter Edith Carlquist Reed Endowed Scholarship.