"How do you eat an elephant?"

"One bite at a time... and chew, chew, chew, because it's tough."

Please consider making a gift to her musical legacy. Edith created an endowment scholarship with the School of Music at the University of Utah while she was alive. It benefits University of Utah undergraduates pursuing piano. These students must have been involved with the Utah Federation of Music Clubs, which Edith was a part of for many years.

Students young and old

"Sometimes as a teacher, you can get a little impatient and want it to happen sooner. But I always offer a prayer before I teach that I won't say or do anything that will harm their regards for themselves."

A home filled with music. She created it, taught it, and loved to listen to it.

She wrote on the music for many piano students. She wrote about feelings, rhythm, practicing, tempo, and on and on. Any lucky students to have her wisdom scrawled across their music also have the gift of her beautiful handwriting.

Share her musical legacy

Contribute to Edith's scholarship endowment at the University of Utah. We'd love it if you could make a gift on her behalf to the School of Music. Click on the link and click on "make a gift" next to School of Music Scholarships. Under "add special instructions", please enter Edith Carlquist Reed Endowed Scholarship.