Graveside Service

The graveside service at the Salt Lake Cemetery was canceled due to damage from the windstorm. You can watch a recording of the family's memorial service below.

Recorded Memorial ServiceWe wish we could have all been together to celebrate Grandma's life with you. And we wanted to see her legacy! That's YOU.

You, her family, her piano students, her ward members, and her friends: you are her legacy. Since we couldn't share with you in person, we recorded the service to share with you here. Please also click on Comments above to leave us a note. We've loved hearing from you and adding your words to our page.

Engine Engine Number Nine - Did you learn this piece, too?

Mrs. Reed taught using the Music Pathways books. She loved sharing the compositions of Lynn Freeman Olson. Did you play any of his pieces?

Bugs in the garden

Do you call it a pill bug or a roly-poly?

Do your kids collect them in your mason jars or your empty pie tins or your cereal bowls?

Do you bring them to Great Grandma to show her what you found? And she'll tell you about them and how they eat her plants and don't help her garden, but she'll hold them delicately.

Edith loved, laughed, and filled the world with beauty. We will forever miss seeing her out, working in the garden, or sitting next to a student at her piano.


Share her musical legacy

Contribute to Edith's scholarship endowment at the University of Utah. We'd love it if you could make a gift on her behalf to the School of Music. Click on the link and click on "make a gift" next to School of Music Scholarships. Under "add special instructions", please enter Edith Carlquist Reed Endowed Scholarship.